VMware vCloud Connector – Free

I was just reading an update on the VMware blog outlining that a really useful piece of technology has become free, please check out the post:

“The hybrid cloud team at VMware is excited to announce the general availability of vCloud Connector 2.6.

VMware vCloud Connector links vSphere-based private and public clouds via a single interface, allowing you to manage them as a single hybrid environment. You can transfer virtual machines (VMs), vApps (collections of VMs with related resource controls and network settings), and templates from one vSphere-based cloud to another. You can also set up a content library to distribute and synchronize templates across clouds and extend a single Layer 2 network from your private data center to a vSphere-based public cloud.

With vCloud Connector 2.6, VMware has converged the core and advanced versions into a single free edition with access to all vCloud Connector features. Yes, advanced edition features such as content sync and data center extension are now free! A VMware vCloud Suite license or VMware vCloud Hybrid Service subscription is no longer required to take advantage of these advanced edition features.

We have also made significant improvements to the copy operation in this release:

  • Path Optimized Copy with Retry increases the resiliency of the vCloud Connector copy operation. We have redesigned the copy operation to include a transfer buffer, before the bits are sent out to the destination node, in the source vCloud Connector node. This design change ensures transfer continuity in case of network failures.
  • Pre-Copy Checks and validations improve reliability of the vCloud Connector copy.
  • Configurable Guest Customization settings are now available, including the option to preserve Guest OS settings.
  • A New Direct or Fenced network connection mode for deployment of any vApp to a destination vCloud Director-based cloud.

Overall, we have made substantial investments to improve the reliability and functionality of the product, reducing the on-ramp from onsite data centers to public clouds such as vCloud Hybrid Service.

Download the latest version of vCloud Connector here and read more about this release in the release notes here.

To learn more about our upcoming features and capabilities, follow the vCloud blog with your favorite RSS reader, or follow our social channels at @vCloud and Facebook.com/VMwarevCloud.”

Read the post here – http://blogs.vmware.com/vcloud/2014/02/vmware-vcloud-connector-now-free.html


Cloud Highs and Lows

(My comments are my own)

I realised that it had been quite some time since I posted anything. My last update was when VMworld was playing out and that seems like a really long time ago now.

A lot seems to have happened since then. I am very interested in the updates and look forward to Barcelona to find out what happens next.

Some other notable things have happened in the cloud space. For those of you who are not aware, if you currently navigate to http://www.nirvanix.com you will be presented the following message:

“Nirvanix Customers,

For the past seven years, we have worked to deliver cloud storage solutions. We have concluded that we must begin a wind-down of our business and we need your active participation to achieve the best outcome.

We are dedicating the resources we can to assisting our customers in either returning their data or transitioning their data to alternative providers who provide similar services including IBM SoftLayer, Amazon S3, Google Storage or Microsoft Azure.”

I think this is an interesting statement on the risks that have been taken by pushing into cloud. Nirvanix were held up as a strong cloud company, yet the fall from grace has been meteoric. What does this say about cloud in general? I think that (and remember these are my thoughts and opinions) that this highlights the requirements to examine how profits are generated in the cloud space. I think it outlines that if your business model is not right then it does not matter how good the technology is, failure is the only result.

Lets look at the positive things that are happening in the cloud space. VMware have launched their vCloud Hybrid Service, a sensible addition to there product base, if you are interested more information can be found here:


The product offerings themselves are interesting, (quoted from http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/vchs/vCloud-Hybrid-Service-Tech-FAQ.pdf):

  • Dedicated Cloud

The Dedicated Cloud offering includes 30 GHz of Compute (vCPU) capacity, 120 GB of vRAM, and 6TB of Storage to start.
Also, 3 public IP’s are provided, as well as a 50 Mbps network link, burstable to 1 Gbps.

  • Virtual Private Cloud

The Virtual Private Cloud offering includes 5 GHz of Compute (vCPU) capacity, 20 GB of vRAM, and 2TB of Storage to start.
Also, 2 public IP’s are provided, as well as a 10 Mbps network link, burstable to 50 Mbps.

There has been some speculation as to the hardware used for the back end infrastructure, there is an interesting line in the tech faqs stating that “our specific hardware vendors remain subject to change.”

What will be interesting is how will this product do in the market? Will we see companies using this infrastructure as their offsite DR target for their in house datacenter? I will be interested to see the numbers in a years time. Would a logical step be to produce reference architecture for on premise private cloud to off premise vCloud Hybrid Service, I think it would be. I am doing my best to avoid naming other vendors here.

Roll on VMware Barcelona, and then for those of us in Australia, vForum in Sydney!

Further Adventures in Scripting

I wanted to explore some future areas where that I would like to write about:

1) Using Sharepoint as a VM deployment configuration source for automated VM deployment.

2) Using Sharepoint as an ESXi host deployment configuration source automated ESXi configuration.

3) Health checking in the vSphere environment, I think we can all agree that vCheck( thank you to the incredibly talented Alan Renouf) is the champion resource here and this can be found at:


This is useful from SMB to large Enterprise scale environments.

4) My experiences with the VCAP-DCA and VCAP-DCD.

5) My work in progress experience to attempt the VCDX.

6) My adventures and experiences in the world of cloud computing.

Its funny to write about the things that you want to write about and I hope they can eventuate soon, although with a new job and two small children, my free hours are few and far between.


Hi all,

This is my first delve into blogging. I hope to at least provide a small piece of interesting reading once in a while!

Thanks to anyone in advance who reads this.