EHC Disaster Recovery Edition – vRA and SRM Integration

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Returning to the blog post series about EHC, this blog will cover the EHC Federation Edition with Disaster Recovery. In this post, we will be looking at the intergration between VMware SRM and vCAC. Yes that’s right. Some of you might be unaware that vCAC or vRA is supported for DR by VMware SRM. Let us look at the conceptual diagram how this would work.

Note: This blog doesn’t discuss the DR/HA Availability of vCAC. That will be discussed in subsequent posts.

Conceptual We will need to create 2 vCenter endpoints in vRA. This will ensure that both the protected and the recovery site VMs can be managed by vCAC instance. So lets go ahead and create the 2 endpoints in vRA. 2 Endpoints in vRA Note that both the vCenters have been named DR for vCAC controller environments are supported in 3 ways :

  • Protected Mode
  • Recovery Mode
  • Test Mode.

These are not dis-similar…

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