Cloud Architects and Other Fun

As always, my comments are my own.

Its good to be back, I have been in stealth mode for the last few months, mainly because I had so much work that I had no spare time.

Easter has provided an opportunity to come up for air. I am having lots of fun which is the main thing! Anything that is even vaguely close to work is a no-no for me. So its time to touch on some other topics.

First off a quick update, I started my Masters in IT, and for this infrastructure guy, its time to delve back into the world of software. Currently I am learning Java, if I have time i will post some updates on what I am learning!

For this update I wanted to write about a topic close to my heart. The Cloud Architect role. What makes a good architect?

Recently I realised that working in the field of virtualisation provides the perfect grounding for a senior architecture role. By working with storage, compute, network. applications and data center, we cover the breadth of IT, no matter what that might be.

So a good basis in virtualisation gives a generalist understanding of IT, but that is not all. The next piece is even more important, by working with all of these teams (I am referring to medium to large businesses here), we make ourselves known to these teams and asset to them.

With the generalist knowledge comes a depth of knowledge after years of experience. Looking back on my experience I see now that i was able to gain experience when it would have been harder to do in other roles.

So with the skills and experience we now have the opportunity to keep working on more and more complex projects and get exposed to more and more senior people in the organisations we work for.

The Cloud Architect is the next generation of architect and has the opportunity to shape the Clouds of the future. As we centralise into Cloud infrastructure how the architecture of the Cloud unfolds will define the future of IT.

The Virtualisation Architect is now the Cloud Architect and in the right place and working for the right companies are helping define the future of IT.

Next write up will be around Java, I promise! Thanks for reading if you made it this far!


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