Virtualisation Latest

So what has been going on? We now have to re-certify ourselves in the VMware space at minimum every two years, those of you who are very keen can of course do it as often as you like! An interesting decision, but not an unreasonable one, in other professions if you are not re-qualifying yourself every year you are not qualified!

On another note, Jon Mark Troyer left VMware, I wanted to mention that because I have been enjoying the podcasts he has run for a number of years and he will be missed! Will they continue, I hope so, but apparently he has size 14 shoes to fill.

Where to next for IT? For me I think the time has come to get on board with the fact that that all of us, even those in infrastructure will become API driven people and that understanding software and software design will become more and more part of our jobs. Cloud itself is driving this, I am not saying that there will be less people in IT, I actually think there will be more and more, I just think that things are going to get more and more complex and it is going to be hard to keep up!

Based on this thinking and the fact that I am of course not working hard enough at the moment (ho ho ho), I have been accepted to do a Masters in IT, so it will be back to school for this long term techie. Its a slightly scary thing to be doing, and I am full prepared for the fact that all the other students will be way to young and probably know a lot more about software than me! But best of all I am really looking forward to it.

This means of course that I have to get in as many certifications as I can between now and then! As doing certs and a degree could get complicated.

I intend to put my experience in IT that I have to date to good use, wish me luck!