VMworld, vForum, vAware

A lot has happened in the world since my last post. I have already touched on vSphere 5.5, and VMware have made some superb additions to the platform. I have also had a chance to get some more experience in the last few months with the new feature set and it seems obvious to me that at a high level the two most exiting areas are:

  • VSAN
  • VMware NSX

VSAN is going to make a huge impact especially in the VDI and entry level areas. Rackmount servers are the ideal solution in this space as I feel that the blade investments people have made will not be much use for a VSAN deployment. The setup for VSAN is very straight forward, enable it at a cluster level and it will pool all the local disk together into a single datastore which is then represented to the entire cluster. Given that the setup is moving to RAIN, is anything other than RAID 0 required at the local storage configuration layer.

I was at vForum in Sydney last week and had the pleasure of meeting Martin Casado, one of the founders of Nicira (now VMware NSX). I highly recommend you catch up on one of his talks if you have the time, follow this link to catch him at the OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong:


I must admit to finding it difficult to find time to post at the moment. I am five months into a new challenging role, it is an incredibly exciting place to work, however there is little that I can share in this blog! My blog comments are also my own and do not reflect the company that I work for.

Where to next. I still have ambitions to complete the VCDX (which is proving a challenge to do from Australia), and who would have thought two small sons would impact my time!


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